Spring 1980 • Vol. II No. 2 Nonfiction |

The Revival Henry Adams’ Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres

Est ergo animae vita veritas, sensus charitas. BERNARD Sermones de Diversis, 10, 1 The youngest stars are heaviest and generate most energy, irrespective of temperature and pressure. This would not be so if they were made entirely of terrestrial atoms, which radiate more as the temperature and pressure rise. Such evidence again indicates that the bulk of the energy for radiation comes from types of intensely active matter unknown to us, which vanish as the star ages, probably by the coalescence of positive protons and negative electrons, their consequent annihilation as matter and their conversion into gushes of electromagnetic radiation. DAMPIER History of Science 3rd ed, p 441 Among the unexpected revelations of human nature that suddenly astonish historians, one of the least reasonable was the passionate outbreak of religious devotion to the ideal of feminine grace, charity, and love that took place here in Normandy while it was still part of the English kingdom,

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