Spring 1964 • Vol. XXVI No. 2 Department KR: A Section of Briefer CommentApril 1, 1964 |

A Taste of Ashes

Five hours in the life of Augustus Philipps, Esq., b. 1897, A.B. Dartmouth 1919, m. 1927 Laura Fenchurch (d. 1959), m. 1961 Margaret Redruth. Children John F., b. 1929, Charles T., b. 1931.  The illusion-smothering curtains close, and rising Light reveals that they have only divided Parts of a barn; have left in the smaller Elevated part an old man now a college Boy (Dartmouth '64) again, ended his cursing And cold content with his cows and his rocks; And have left in the larger part four or five Knots of only slightly disturbed because Well-weathered -heeled and -spoken folk.  Two miles away another illusion waits for Actors and audience urging the end of day. There at the Silas Cleaveland Inn the boy actor Cocks an insolent ear, and listening hears Old Gus Philipps tell his wife (the new one). "The title is better than the play, for I Have known real charmers under real elms," And hears her questioning non sequitur, "Why Is shining grease paint called illu

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