Spring 1964 • Vol. XXVI No. 2 Department KR: A Section of Briefer CommentApril 1, 1964 |

A Dark Plot

March 15 … What has become of us? I would speak of courage, devotion, freedom! But the very words are dull as I put them down. Well, how could they be otherwise? I write with a chained pen. Here I sit, in jail, in a cell, bars on windows and door, bars on the door entering the cell block, bars beyond that, armed men on guard at every possible point of escape—and yet the pen they have given me to use is chained to its inkwell. Lest I make off with it too easily, no doubt. But I must not complain. After all, being given the pen is a privilege. I should be grateful. Were I not a professor at the University: no pen. So the guard who brought it informed me, desirous that I should appreciate the respect, the courtesies I here enjoy. So they have arrested me at last. And here I am held day after day with no one to see but the other prisoners and the guards, and such audiences as I conjure for my grief. My only visitor has been Professor Dean, the chairman of my department.

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