Spring 1963 • Vol. XXV No. 2 Book ReviewsApril 1, 1963 |

The Homer of Lost Causes

Samuel Hynes THE HOMER OF LOST CAUSES FORD MADOX FORD'S NOV- ELS by John A. Meixner. Uni- versity of Minnesota Press, $5.50. IN ALL THE FIVE NOVELS THAT FoRD wrote during the last decade of his life the not-very-good books that followed Last Post-he used, in one way or another, the device of the doubled character, the doppel- ganger. One is tempted to read in this late preoccupation an interpre-SAMUEL HYNES 353 tation of Ford's own career, and to fancy that, when he looked back on a literary life of forty years, he saw two Fords there, resembling each other, but very different. One of these would be the Ford who was admired by admirable writers like Graham Greene and Caroline Gor- don, and was put into affectionate poems by William Carlos Williams and Robert Lowell and Ezra Pound; who befriended young writers and edited two excellent magazines; who wrote novels that belong, both for their method and for their achievement, with the best of James and Conrad and Joyce; and who helped t

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