Spring 1957 • Vol. XIX No. 2 Book ReviewsApril 1, 1957 |

Another Chapter on Bloomsbury

William Van O'Connor ANOTHER CHAPTER ON BLOOMSBURY MEN, BOOKS AND MOUNTAINS. ByLeslie Stephen. Edited, with an introduction, by S. 0. A. Ullman. Hogarth Press, and University of Minnesota Press. $4.00. OLD FRIENDS. By Clive Bell. Chatto and Windus, and Harcourt, Brace. $4.50. VIRGINIA WOOLF & LYTTON STRACHEY, LETTERS. Edited by Leonard Woolf and James Strachey. Hogarth Press, Chatto and Windus, and Harcourt Brace. $4.50. N OT SO VERY many years ago literary historians, many of them convinced that 20th Century literature was an aberration and a great mistake, were quite certain that English literature existed in a fixed hierarchy. Every sophomore who had finished his two-volume survey course knew that English literature was divided into two parts: volume one began with Anglo Saxon and ended with the beginnings of Romanti-330 BOOKS cism; volume two began with the Romantics and ended with Thomas Hardy. Those Romantics and those Victorians who had been elected to immortality were im

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