Spring 1954 • Vol. XVI No. 2 FictionApril 1, 1954 |

Cooley’s Version

Professor De Witte, head bent low, took the Widener steps two at a time. Still he managed to keep his eye on a stubby, redheaded man standing by a pillar, staring into the Yard. After waiting a few seconds to be acknowledged, de Witte pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and blew his nose loudly. The young man kept on staring ahead. "Ah, Cooley," de Witte called. "Good morning," Cooley said quietly. De Witte headed for the pillar and stood there puffing and leaning over Cooley's head. "I've news for you, Cooley. I was talking to this publisher fellow, Simonfreed, in New York last week. He was looking for a translator and I gave him your name. He's found some woman scribbler he thinks is better than Mme. de Lafayette. He's going to send some of her stuff along to you any day now." De Witte waited for a response and again got none. He grunted angrily, whirled, lowered his head and charged the revolving door into the library. Cooley had not withheld a respon

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