Spring 1953 • Vol. XV No. 2 CommunicationsApril 1, 1953 |

Fan Letter

R. Jarrell's "Institution" is the funniest thing I ever hope to read. Please, please, isn't there any way I can read the rest of it without having to wait? It's becoming an institution itself with everybody I know who knows how to read. My copy of the Kenyon it's in is unfortunately in the hands of a sub- sub-editor of Vogue Magazine, ill-met on the shuttle train. No doubt they will want to print a picture of Mr. Jarrell taken by Irving Penn—all black on one side, all light on the other. Eventually Life Magazine will attempt a page on him. They will print a picture of him looking as much like an insurance salesman as possible and will caption it "What ails wee Randall?" This question they will proceed to answer. The wages of fame. In the meantime, isn't there any way one can read the whole thing? All at once?

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