Spring 1950 • Vol. XII No. 2 FictionApril 1, 1950 |

Wedding Eve

Softly: "Freda, are you awake?" The girl in the moonlit bed sat up gracefully. Quietly she said: "Yes, Anna, I am awake." Her younger sister, Anna, came into the room. She had a heavy coat slung across her nightdress. Noiselessly she closed the door behind her. In mid-room she stopped. Her hands were joined prayerfully in front of her. She stood there some little distance from the end of the bed. Instinctively, her fingers reached out and touched the wedding dress that was hanging on a shoulder on the great wardrobe door. "What is it, Anna?" "It's very quiet now, isn't it?" Freda did not reply. Anna went to the window. She looked out to where the fall of grassy ground was. She looked at the lake and the island it contained. The moonlight had touched the castle on the island and was making a white mist on the mountains far away. Her standing there quenched a good deal of the moonlight. Over her shoulder she said: "Do you think it will be all right?" Thoughtful

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