Spring 1950 • Vol. XII No. 2 NonfictionApril 1, 1950 |


SIRS: May I trespass on your space to correct two errors in my article "The Fetish of Form," which appeared in your Winter issue? The first concerns the authorship of the quatrain on music that I quote on page 91. It is by William Watson, not William Sharp, and hence the pseudonym "Fiona Macleod" does not apply. The second mis-statement occurs on page 87, where I say that no amateur should speak of form in the arts unless he has himself tried to shape a piece of music. This extraordinary proposition verges on the nonsense which the old rhetoric books warned us might pass unnoticed by reader and writer alike, despite good sense and watchfulness. In this case it must be the result of successive editings for conciseness. My original, clumsily expressed, merely urged the amateur to attempt fashioning some piece of work, in any art or craft, before laying down the law about form.

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