Spring 1948 • Vol. X No. 2 Nonfiction |

The Scrutiny Group

The group of critics who were gathered around Mr. Leavis and Scrutiny in the early 'thirties have, in addition to sixteen years of publication in Scrutiny itself, produced a considerable number of books. Much of their work has been done in the form of essays, a form notoriously difficult to get ordinary publishers to consider anywhere, and with such publishers practically out of the question in this country. It is very much to the credit of George W. Stewart, therefore, that he has had the courage and intelligence to publish American editions of Mr. Leavis' Revaluations and Mr. Knights's Explorations.1 The volume of selections from Scrutiny, which I am told Mr. Eric Bentley is preparing, will be a valuable addition to these two books, for much of the best work of the group remains to be dug from the files of Scrutiny or from books published in England in small editions and by now even more difficult to come by than Scrutiny. Much of Mr. Traversi's best work, for example, is in his e

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Literary critic, Arthur Mizener (1907-1988) was Mellon Foundation Professor of English at Cornell University from 1951 to 1975. In addition to other works, he authored the first biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Far Side of Paradise (1951) along with a biography of Ford Madox Ford, The Saddest Story: A Biography of Ford Madox Ford (1971).

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