Spring 1948 • Vol. X No. 2 Book Reviews |

The Power of an Idea

The Innocent Eye by Herbert Read. Holt. $3.50 The Grass Roots of Art by Herbert Read. Illustrated. Wittenborn & Co. $2.00 Guernica by Pablo Picasso. Text by Juan Larrea with an Introduction by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. 104 plates. Curt Valentin. $15.00 Russell Cheney. A Record of His Work. With Notes by F. O. Matthiessen. Illustrated. Oxford. $3.50 Appreciation: Painting, Poetry and Prose by Leo Stein. Crown Publishers. $2.50 Modern Painters by Lionello Venturi. Illustrated. $5.00 Couleur de Bonnard (Verve V, 17-18). 69 reproductions, 29 in full color. Edited by Charles Terrasse. Distributed by Jeannette Rocart, 280 Riverside Drive, New York City. $12.00   While glints of insight may be found on almost every page of Herbert Read's art criticism does not notably show the power of a sustaining idea. Unlike Ruskin, who could fling up a many-spired cathedral and fill it with the shimmering radiance of his fervent adoration, Mr. Read has shaped out no such

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