Spring 1948 • Vol. X No. 2 Poetry |

Rock-Study with Wanderer

"Cold cold cold of a special night" Summer and winter sings under the beast The ravished doll     Hear in the middle waste The  blue  doll  of  the  west  crackling  with  fright The music & the lights did not go out Alas       Our foreign officers are gay Singers in the faery cities shiver & play Their exile dances through unrationed thought Waiting for the beginning of the end The wedding of the arms      Whose charnel arms Will plough the emerald mathematical farms In spring, spring-flowers to the U. N. send?          *    *    * Waiting I stroll within a summer wood Avoiding broken glass in the slant sun Our promises we may at last make good The stained glass flies when the cathedral's done Certainly in a few years call it peace The arms & wings of peace patrol us all The planes & arms that planes & arms may cease Pathos (theanth

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In 1945, John Berryman won an early KR contest for short fiction, cosponsored by Doubleday, Doran & Co. Berryman achieved his greatest renown as a poet with the publication of 77 Dream Songs in 1964, which won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry.

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