Spring 1947 • Vol. IX No. 2 Book Reviews |

What Is Troy?

Folk Tale, Fiction And Saga In The Homeric Epics by Rhys Carpenter. University of California. $2.50 My father was a scholar and knew Greek. When I was five years old, I asked him once What do you read about?'                    'The siege of Troy.' 'What is a siege and what is Troy?'           —Browning: "Development" Of the many delightful provinces of Classical Archaeology none appeals more strongly to the happy amateur than that of the Homeric Question. Little Robert poses an important part of it: What, indeed, is Troy? And no one who loves Homer is particularly chary of tackling the allied riddles: Who (or, more properly, What) was Homer? How about the millennial uncertainty of his When? Our amateur unblushingly lends his thin uninstructed voice to the battle cries of the partymen, separatist or unitarian. He stares at the beyond-dreams-romantic discoveries on Scamander plain and at Tiryns and Mycenae. And as

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