Spring 1946 • Vol. VIII No. 2 Book Reviews |

Some Culled Fictions

Trial Balance: The Collected Short Stories of William March. Harcourt, Brace. $3.50. Mother And Son by Clarkson Crane. Harcourt, Brace, $2.50. . . . And The Field Is The World by Dola Delong. Scribner. $2.50. Seven Times The Leading Man by Egon Hostovsky. L. B. Fischer. $2.75. The Dwarf by Pär Lagerkvist. L. B. Fischer. $2.50. I am too greatly under the spell of William March to tag him for posterity. But on my shelves at least he has by-passed the big avant-garde experimental names at the top and gone straight to the bottom—near Ring Lardner, a newly dusted Saki and some older, more furtive treasures. Speaking with all relative caution, one does not expect these days to find so much pleasure from a book. With Goethes and Rilkes everywhere, here is a small writer minding his formal business and letting the big throbbing heart of life mind its own. True, the big ideas are here, packed elaborately in tiny anecdotal satires; and the symbols do expand like paper flowers. But this

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