Spring 1940 • Vol. II No. 2 PoetryApril 1, 1940 |

To the Regent (On the Late Secessions)

Lost to Thee, Christ, lost to Thee and Thy NameSections of earth beneath Thy crown that came —Lost is the revenue and lost the fame:Save for a few, Thy governors are tame—When will the tongueless bells ring out the same—Lost to Thee, Christ, lost to Thee and Thy Name? The bowed ambassadors have quit the hall,Lost to Thee spring and summer, winter, fall—Where was the blunder; where resides the blame?Living not unto Thee but unto PaulWe purposed Thee an Empire: world and allSubject to Thee, Christ; subject to Thy Name! How didst Thou loathe Thy kingdom to extendBy our outrageous methods to the end!Proudly we pushed, more capitols to claim!Now from the pillars Thy full flags descend—Darkness and wolves Thy countries comprehend,Lost to Thee, Christ, lost to Thee and Thy Name. And since Thy Sire on Thee encloaked His trust,And Thou didst shine to counteract our lust,On Thee redound the losses and the shame.How now can fingers find them though they must,Thy scepter jewe

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