July 1, 1998


By Bada Shanren, translated by Arthur Sze

      —from the third of four album leaves   A fine rain drizzles and drizzles on Yellow Bamboo Village. A light boat bobs and bobs among waves and clouds. How can […]

July 1, 1998

Inscribed on a Painting

By Shen Chou, translated by Arthur Sze

White clouds, like a sash,       wind around the mountain’s waist. Stone steps rise into the void       on this steep, narrow path. Alone, leaning on a chenopod staff,       I gaze into […]

July 1, 1998

Untitled (II)

By Li Shang-yin

Phoenix tails, fragrant silk,      so many thin folds. Under the round green canopy,      she opens herself to the night. A fan cuts the moon’s shape      but can’t conceal her blush. […]