January 1, 1969

United States

By William Saroyan

The less a writer of short stories knows about short stories the more likely he is to write them. The more anybody knows about short stories the more likely he […]

January 1, 1969


By Jun Eto, translated by Hisakazu Kaneko

Recently, a leading literary magazine, Gunzo, sent an inquiry to five active writers, asking them whether they preferred a novel or a short story to deal effectively with contemporary problems, […]

January 1, 1969

West Germany

By Hans Bender, translated by Peter Salm

Discussions concerning the contemporary German literary scene consistently use 1945 as a starting point. The Hitler dictatorship had come to its inevitable defeat. Literature was given back its freedom, and […]

January 1, 1969


By Chanakya Sen

It is not easy to consider Indian literature, the Indian novel, and the short story as a whole. Indian literature is written in sixteen languages; it is more of a […]

January 1, 1969

New Zealand

By Maurice Shadbolt

A symposium always tempts foolish generalizations into the light; but at least the fool who generalizes has the consolation that he will not be alone. I should like to be […]

January 1, 1969


By John Wain

All literary forms have to some extent to be defined by negatives: drama is a way of telling a story that is not narrative, etc. This seems to me particularly […]