January 1, 1969


By Junzo Shono

A student newspaper once asked me for my views on the potentialities of the short story. I replied that although I gave thought to the actual short stories I might […]

January 1, 1969


By Mario Picchi, translated by Adele Plotkin

The work of G. B. Passano, I novellieri italiani in prosa, published in the second half of the nineteenth century, is a bibliographical record of Italian short-story writers which begins […]

January 1, 1969

United States

By George Garrett

United States: George Garrett Anything that I have to say about short stories has to be personal, at least in part. Quite impossible for me to be “objective.” Possible, though […]

January 1, 1969

South Africa

By Ezekiel Mphahlele

I can never say exactly why I began writing short stories twenty years ago; why, for instance, I did not try the novel first. Perhaps one’s natural bent has something […]

January 1, 1969


By Elizabeth Harrower

There must have been a heyday, sometime between the first settlement of Australia and the second World War, during which the short story flourished here. This period is harked back […]

January 1, 1969


By Elizabeth Taylor

The short story, as we know it today, is a comparatively modern literary form. The writing and telling of stories is another matter, going back into antiquity—to legends and fables […]

January 1, 1969


By Khushwant Singh

Who says the short story is dead? In India it has only recently had its rebirth, and literary pundits who make horoscopes have forecast a long and prosperous life for […]

January 1, 1969


By Ana María Matute, translated by William Fifield

Since I first began to write, hardly in my girlhood, I have considered the short story one of the aptest means available to a narrator. The tale captures all the […]