October 1, 1990

The Freedom to Talk Dirt

By Lewis Hyde

The current debate over obscenity, government funding, and the arts has set me to thinking about dirt, what it is and why we have such trouble with it. “Dirt is […]

October 1, 1983

Editorial: Form and Ethics

By P. D. C.

In this issue are two essays on poetry, Donald Hall’s “Poetry and Ambition” and Christopher Clausen’s “Morality, Poetry, and Criticism.” Both are evaluative, rather high-mindedly so, and for that reason […]

October 1, 1982

The Uses of Vulgarity

By Frederick Turner

The literary renaissance of northern Europe in the sixteenth century produced, as we know, many of the most sublime and lofty works of human artistic achievement. But our most penetrating […]

April 1, 1980

Editorial: Friendship

By Ronald Sharp

Editorial Wayne Booth’s essay in this issue of The Kenyon Review attempts to revitalize the ancient metaphor of the author-reader relationship as a friendship. No doubt it will surprise some […]