April 1, 1965

The Scholar

By Frank O’Connor

George Russell, who was full of Hegelianism, used to argue that Irish literature developed in pairs. There were himself and Yeats, then Stephens and Colum, then Austin Clarke and F.R. […]

January 1, 1965

This Dying Lark

By Thomas MacIntyre

The behan story, in a way, begins with the Playboy riots of 1907. Irish nationalism, the Establishment-to-be, had fuelled (and, of course, was fuelled by) the new drama but Synge […]

January 1, 1965


By Edward Dahlberg

One who is enough of a simpleton to become writer is capable of any folly. The production of morals in the last 50 years has far exceeded our capacity to […]

April 1, 1964

A Taste of Ashes

By George Hemphill

Five hours in the life of Augustus Philipps, Esq., b. 1897, A.B. Dartmouth 1919, m. 1927 Laura Fenchurch (d. 1959), m. 1961 Margaret Redruth. Children John F., b. 1929, Charles […]

April 1, 1964

A Dark Plot

By Anthony Ostroff

March 15 … What has become of us? I would speak of courage, devotion, freedom! But the very words are dull as I put them down. Well, how could they […]