September 1, 1967


By James P. Degnan

To Justine and Balthazzar and Larry Durrell and Hank Miller and all the gang at Grove Press without whom this could never have been written. I am accustoming myself to […]

September 1, 1967

A Poet’s Private Zoo

By Arno Karlen

Being a random exhibit of some specimens therein; what in them is curious or strikingly common. And all with the reservation, of course, that the poet, or keeper, is the […]

January 1, 1967

The Ideal

By P. N. Furbank

Why do I not adopt italic handwriting? My present writing has nothing to be said for it: it is arbitrary, ugly, and illegible, and certain characters have recently deteriorated to […]

June 1, 1966

Coming Sun. Mon. Tues.

By Don DeLillo

“The bitterness and urgency of today’s rebellious youth . . . tender and lyrical . . . A social document of aimless teenagers seeking their identity . . . evocative […]

October 1, 1965

Kurosawa’s Humanism

By Charles Higham

It is fourteen years now since Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Rashomon burst on the world, evoking reactions ranging from waspish-“slow, complacent, Louvre-conscious, waiting-for-prizes” (Manny Farber in The Nation)—to ecstatic—”It is a […]

October 1, 1965

Not on Their Toes

By Selma Jeanne Cohen

The Winter 1964 issue of The Kenyon Review, in its dedication to John Crowe Ransom, remarked that “there was very little American criticism of any value before the 1930s.” The […]