October 1, 1945

Mr. Tyler’s Approach

By Parker Tyler

Sirs, In his review of my book, The Hollywood Hallucination, in the Summer issue Mr. Eric Russell Bentley briefly, but with crystalline lucidity, expressed the critical consensus of 80 percent […]

July 1, 1945

To Whom It May Concern

By H.L. Geisse

[We did not publish any reviews of Harry Brown’s book, but the letter comes to us and seems to deserve publication.—Editors.] Sirs: I have just received copies of a number […]

July 1, 1945

The Conformity of Leonov

By Blanche Udren

Sirs: Marjorie Farber’s review of Road to the Ocean in the Spring Kenyon Review impressed me as a provocative commentary on certain aspects of Leonov’s artistic method. Her insistence upon […]

July 1, 1945


By Marjorie Farber

Sirs: Miss Udren has supplied valuable points omitted from my review concerning the surface meanings and conscious moral intentions of Road to the Ocean. But the literary question, still unanswered, […]