October 1, 1956


By Seymour Chatman

(Concerning “English Verse and What It Sounds Like,” Summer issue) SIR: I’m sorry that my footnote should appear to Mr. Ransom to undercut so radically my criticism of Mr. Stein. […]

April 1, 1954

Hugh MacDiarmid

By Bernard Landis

Sirs: In calling attention to the development of Lallans poetry, Stanley Edgar Hyman has performed a service through his article, “The Language of Scottish Poetry.” I feel, however, that he […]

April 1, 1954

Othello Is Saved

By G. R. Elliott

SIRS: The violent abscission of part of an object, part of an egg-yolk for instance, or a slice of a human head, may make the object look rather queer, even […]

January 1, 1954


By Theodore Hoffman

Sirs: A reviewer is entitled to his independent judgment, but Paul Goodman’s review of Eric Bentley’s In Search of Theatre (Autumn, 1953) strikes me as an exercise in critical incompetence […]

April 1, 1953

Fan Letter

By Isabel Hathorn

R. Jarrell’s “Institution” is the funniest thing I ever hope to read. Please, please, isn’t there any way I can read the rest of it without having to wait? It’s […]

April 1, 1953

The English of Englished

By Dana J. Pratt

Sirs: I have just been reading your Dante number (Spring 1952) with particular interest, since we have the good fortune to be publishing Fergusson’s Dante’s Drama of the Mind in […]