October 1, 1988

Attacking the Pietà

By Stephen Corey

On May 21, Michelangelo’s Vatican Pietà was assaulted by Lazlo Toth, 33, a Hungarian-born Australian geologist who scaled a marble balustrade in St. Peter’s Basilica and lashed out with a […]

April 1, 1988

Vienna in the Rain

By Jay Meek

Dead center in the rain over Stephansplatz, the cathedral is blackened like the cone of something badly burned in coming back to earth. For a while I have stopped under […]

April 1, 1988

Excerpts from: Mayhem and Romance in a Cropduster Fuselage

By Laurence Lieberman

(Dominica, West Indies)          1.                That big wind,               more than any other, earned its name: Dora.         A single-personed                             identity. A Fury, with intent                        to take back to itself this one speck of […]

January 1, 1988

The Snow’s Code

By James Applewhite

A cedar like a lancet window Down the snow-loaded aisles seemed A Black Forest icon. Hoffmann or Hans Christian Andersen. Trees feathered Softly swan-white on gray duck bark. Cold was […]

January 1, 1988

Swimming Pool Pastoral

By Laurence Lieberman

     All bags parked  and shelved in our snug bungalow,   we stroll toward the beach—both sorry antique    Hotel Barrymore   (famous old noble house converted in the mid-Fifties)    is so far from […]

January 1, 1988

Herons and Water Lilies

By Louis Simpson

I am walking behind three men, obviously undergraduates, who are talking in loud voices. Why do they have to read Plato? They speak of the opportunities in medicine and law […]

July 1, 1987

A Momentary Order

By A. Poulin, Jr.

He’s spent this long hot morningin my neighbor’s yard. Where weedswere so thick their thin stalks hauledgrowing clumps of earth alongboth sides of walks and their rootsstretched the limits of […]

April 1, 1987

Annual Report

By Sydney Lea

For my wife What reason to begin and end just here –in May, the woods still rank with late gray snow through which the jets of adder’s-tongue will show before […]

April 1, 1987


By Stephen Dunn

It was back when we used to listen to stories,   our minds developing pictures as we were taken into the elsewhere of our experience or to the forbidden   or under […]

April 1, 1987


By Daniel Mark Epstein

I The gallery light left something to be desired.Electric ghosts in clouds and streakstold their moral on the bulletproof glass:the soul will make a mirror of any window.I shifted. It […]