February 3, 2024

Reply to Mr. Wheelwright

By Eliseo Vivas

When the editors informed me of their intention to publish in the fall issue, together with my “The New Naturalism,” a criticism by Mr. Philip Wheelwright, I fell in with […]

July 1, 1955

The Music of Charles Ives

By Gilbert Chase

Sirs: Robert Evett’s “A Post-mortem for Mr. Ives” was not only harsh (“a composer whoring after novelty”) and offensive (Ives “smelled like Whitman’s armpits”), but also heedless of truth. I […]

January 1, 1949

A Communication

By G. Wilson Knight

Sirs: I was indeed grateful for Mr. Stanley Hyman’s generous remarks concerning my Shakespearian interpretations in The Kenyon Review (Winter 1948). May I nevertheless offer a rejoinder? Mr. Hyman considers […]