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Epitaph for an Un-Named Priestess

There are not enough nouns around which to create images.
For verbs express activity and the act
is unambiguous. Experience is an active
verb. Mummy and Coffin of an Un-named
Priestess (c. 1050 BC). There are not
enough pronouns to create images around.
Only the ivory handle of a bronze mirror,
said the Lady
of Shalott.
Now we move on to the Cycladic Antiquities.
Marble figure of a woman from Cambridge
(c. 1969 AD). “Such a comparison might
help to show that common fundamental
sculptural ideas persist.” (Antiparos 2500–
2000 BC) (Henry Moore 1969 AD).
The simplicity of wedge on ovoid, nose
in face and the functionality of buttocks
is belied by a shifting poise and glitter
an instability of marble. I am, however, sick
of mirrors. And metaphor is a low relief.
Manuscript Room, Bassae Room, Tea &
Coffee Room.
                         But all I mean
                         is that no-one
                         wants to be deceived
                         in his own mind.
(Plato, Republic II c. 380 BC). Monochrome
is a desired medium though they coloured
their statues and we colour our
               In things which touch
               most nearly the most
               important part of him
               no man really wants
               to be deceived but
               is terrified of it.
But there aren’t enough names. So what
is left except fiction, verbal activity
being too crude for us. The act
is ambiguous (vide supra). To leave
a clay jar inscribed “Megakles
is handsome” and signed by “Phistias
as potter” since
                            we have already
                            forbidden madness
                            and the representation
                            of madness,
is the alternative to mummification. It
is the poised instability of marble. So,
of the second case “in which the poet speaks
in his own person”, “the best example
is lyric poetry”. Although “A man cannot
play many characters as well as he can, one”,
this statue of an un-named person (There are
not enough pronouns.) is carved in imitation
of Cycladic Art and in compassion
for Egyptian Metonymies.

Veronica Forrest-Thomson
Veronica Forrest-Thomson was the author of three poetry collections and the influential critical work Poetic Artifice: A Theory of Twentieth-Century Poetry.