September 2, 2020KR OnlinePoetry

When You Can’t Buck Ubiquity; Almost a World

When You Can’t Buck Ubiquity

It’s what you get from rereading too much
Walt Whitman, slaphappiness, when you feel
Like digging a well and then not feel up to

It, days of abandonment in the cow barn
With Sophocles, the time you thought you were
A mule, or when you looked sadly upon

The world and wept, like Jesus, and like Jesus,
You sweated, Jesus ate and you ate, Jesus
Wept, you wept, and then suddenly you

Crave sloppy joes and want to eat them at
A ranch in Montana, there are basic bullies
In this world and there are elaborate bullies,

But both are bullies nonetheless, the salamander
We got as a gift from Bill Dickey was the salamander
We gave as a gift to Bill Dickey the year before,

What goes around as a question, with an
Inevitable answer, I can’t imagine the mice
We had years ago in the cantina at Bramasole

Were ever bored or even pretended to be, being
Precocial has few drawbacks that I can think of,
Help me here, in the sense that you know too

Much when you don’t know enough, you have
To be engaged to be engorged, think about it,
When you said supper by any other name would

Be dinner, guessing the gross weight of an average
Dinosaur, bones speak louder than words, and just
When you think you’ve had buttloads, you’ve had lack. 


Almost a World

If you have to ask, what defines
An organ, my heart goes out to
You, mastering the parallel bars

In a parallel universe, or that
The wrong turn you took doesn’t
Make it right, nor just because

It’s raining and the runway seems
Perpetually slick, and although
You’ve always preferred to talk

About what you can’t see, talk
About what you can, or to those
In the category dead to the world,

Or those in the category sleeps
Soundly on the beach
, or to those
In the category watches while trees

Purposefully fall, or to those in
The category closed the gate after
, from grapes crushed, must,

The many that are robocalled but
The few that answer, if you could
Just think about death once, like

The death of disco once, or you
Who carry your cache with you
Wherever you go, or those in

The category of penciled in, believe
If you can in something as ridiculous
As bite the dust, as more than all must.