KR OnlinePoetry

The Terrorist Shaved his Beard

After Cecilia Vicuña & Layli Long Soldier

The root of terrorism is terror
          Etymologically derived from
          The Spanish word tierra // Meaning land

Or maybe // The root of terrorism is error
          Etymologically derived from
          The Greek // Err // Meaning to be incorrect

Or maybe we err about the etymology
          Maybe we’re wrong // To think terrorism means
          One who exists incorrectly on this land

In Spanish the word terrorism becomes terrorismo
          Terremoto is a slant rhyme // & An earthquake
          A shaking of the land

You change the suffix
          The noun can become a verb // Terrorizing
          For example // Police are terrorizing our people

Or the tense can be changed to the past // Terrorized
          For example // On this land // Our people were
          Terrorized by police // By ICE

Is it writers only // Who obsess over punctuation
          The question mark // So cute in curiosity
          Question // Who do we call terrorist & why