May 13, 2020KR OnlinePoetry

Poem with a Phrase from Bishop

sometimes my sister will e-mail me at 1am
to say she’s feeling distraught and then
at 3am a message to report she’s feeling
so much better now but I don’t know this
till I wake the next morning and piece
the sequence together what I mean to say
is she made up her mind again to run away
from her husband in her late-model car
everything was packed but she decided
to stop before setting off at Cuppa Cheer
and pick up the cookies she’d ordered there
she told the nice lady about needing to flee
then the lady who had troubles of her own
said let’s pray and wrapped a prayer shawl
around her in a big hug my sister took it
as a sign to stay after all and drove home
just in time to unload before her husband
returned from work the cookies were good
our lives can be like that—awful but cheerful