April 17, 2019KR OnlinePoetryTranslation

[let me shake the snot off my fingers]

Translated from Romanian by Antuza Genescu

let me shake the snot off my fingers
like a lady
I forgot all about last night
let me take firm steps
the past is the exit from a sagging black tent
time whitens the insides
the rotting flesh
the slippery brew
they must be buried one foot under the snow
right here in the yard

(the music is louder now)

“I don’t live I die I fade away”
in the dark transparent tube like a ballpoint refill
death comes and quenches its thirst
from the basin with yellow rainwater
it is the mule with acacia thorns instead of whiskers
it drinks and feeds
and gets lost in weeds

(the sea
the artesian fountain in the middle)

what could it be and how
after you feel the cold circular pressure on your temple
(the gun brand is almost irrelevant)
after your brains blow up like on the telly
a dome with mines planted inside
then the void
the buried tracks
the return
to the bluish legs of the throne
to the world painted on nylon
on a railwayman’s flag

successive unveilings of busts
these veils
the skies

pierce them like an ice pick

Photo of Tudor Cretu
Tudor Crețu is a writer and manager of the “Sorin Titel” Timiș County Library. His books include Adela’s Lacery (Mirton, 2001), The Orange Objects, (Vinea, 2005), Continuous Fragments. Live Poems (Printpress, 2014) that received the Poetry Book of the Year award of the Romanian Writers’ Union Banat branch, and the anthology studio live (Printpress, 2015).

Antuza Genescu is a freelance translator, interpreter, teacher, and writer. She is a member of the Union of Romanian Writers—the Translators’ Department. Besides several volumes of Romanian poetry and art albums she has translated into English, her work also includes translations into Romanian of various poets around the world (Sudeep Sen, George Szirtes, Fiona Sampson, Jean Portante, Alice Notley, Erkut Tokman, Kama Sywor Kamanda, etc.).