April 3, 2019KR OnlinePoetryTranslation

The Wolf

Translated from Catalan by Raoul Izzard

Already, it’s gone, and to find it you must go
far off where the thickest snow
is the terra firma of obsession.
The long journey demands sacrifice
and you measure the inertia of each step
sunk ankle-deep, or the flakes
that little by little cloak your back
and freeze your fevered cheeks
with the pale weight of pride that descends
and shatters the tranquility of thought,
a hint of the simultaneous divide
between what you want and what will be.
It’s not easy to watch them wake
in the final frame when they find the blood,
in the shadow of the wolf that follows you.

Jordi Valls i Pozo
Jordi Valls i Pozo, a native of Barcelona, is a Catalan poet. He is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers) and the PEN Club Català (Catalan PEN Club).

Raoul Izzard, a native of the UK, is a translator and poet whose most recent translated work representing Jordi Valls was featured in Poetry Wales (Summer 2017). As a poet, he also appeared in the anthology A Poet's Siddur (Ain’t Got No Press, 2017), as well as the anthology Voices from the Cave (Revival Press, 2017).