November 25, 2015KR OnlinePoetry

Image as Fishmongers

I have seen you as fishmongers
in an effort to forget. Twelve of them

selling thick pearls of meat.

All of them are you. Headless

as prawn. Bass filleted & frozen, muscle
grey as dusk. I know what it is like

to lie naked across ice, feel flesh slice.

I pretend to know.

      • •

I want to know what you passed into my mouth
as you slid upward, chest first. I remember a fisherman

unloading his boat. Herring packed
into a tackle box, snug bodies. Eyes slick,

glossy. Their silver is something I want to ingest.
I bite their eyelids softly, pull them shut.

      • •

There is nothing here
that I want to remember as fact. It is a fact

that every person believes they are more than a god.

That is the part of me you harpooned. Cut your name into.

Talin Tahajian grew up near Boston. Her poetry has appeared in Iowa Review Online, Indiana Review, Best New Poets, Black Warrior Review, Copper Nickel, and the Rumpus. She edits poetry for Big Lucks and the Adroit Journal, and is an MFA candidate at the University of Michigan.