September 28, 2011KR OnlinePoetry

On Her Having Arrived

He thickets in. He thickens.     The AA
meeting ran late: he brandished a BB
gun and the cops were called. Shot ten CC’s
of something slowing in him.     Type AB
blood, type A personality, B.A.
in French: this only goes one way (AB).

Once, on their way to Galt, CA:
snared, small palms. He fiddled with the A/C
and the radio. Said in 5 BC
the A/C was better. Missed his CB
radio.     He swerved. Blew a BAC
near .3. Reciting the ABCs
backwards, trying to find his AAA
papers: failures. “MAKE SURE YOU CALL A CAB
NEXT TIME,” yelled the sheriff.
                                                  The BBC
showed him to her, mug/bloodshot.     CCC
poster-child failure     blamed the BBB.
Now it’s worldwide     now watch: the CBC
posted contact numbers to ACA
counselors for ‘depression’.     CAA
clients argued for the movie rights.
for attrition     for attraction. And be
the only one inside to ever see
the lonely one’s insides.     And to watch a
man die, and die to a thought, shaking bee
-like to the wash and cusps of a held sea.