July 25, 2009KR OnlinePoetry

weekend-readsContinuing; Sightseeing


Dear Lord if this          is what I make

of my / Body why give me Lord a body if

It might have been          like all creation beautiful

Why give it Lord to me

that even now / Survives the fattening          and the disease

And even now I treasure why

Give me a body Lord          and love

In the body for the body love and love

Lord calls / Me from my body Lord          and love is no

release          / But more compacting more

Body O Lord if this is what I make

Of love          if this is how I break / My body

which even now I treasure

for / Continuing

if this is what I love          if this is how



We married on a sightseeing train the pas- / sengers each

spoke a different language none

Our language and        the farther the train traveled

From home the fewer of

each other’s words / We understood

through jungles and

through des- / erts and        through forests and through farmland from

Home through the fewer of        to none

we traveled        / From the station to the hotel at the lake

And from the wedding to the honeymoon / To bed

we traveled on the train to bed

Each with a different word for bed

and in / Our dreams saw things        we couldn’t when we woke / Describe

that might have been the same things our / Hands made the same

strange animals in the air