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Spring 1962

Mycenaens and Minoans

By Zoïlus

Mycenaens And Minoans by Leonard R. Palmer. Alfred A. Knopf, $6.00. “The new philological wine had burst the old archaeological bottle,” writes Professor Palmer in describing the startling revaluation of […]

Winter 1962


By Zoïlus

During the course of the past year the Review has added three names to its advisory editorial staff. This is a formal announcement of the fact and a formal welcome. […]

Winter 1961

Too Graceful to Be True

By Zoïlus

The Light In The Piazza by Elizabeth Spencer. McGraw-Hill Book Company, $3.00. Babbo non vuole, Alamma nemmeno, Come faremo fare l’amor’? In this case, the old dilemma is for different […]