Tony Hoagland

Tony Hoagland’s books include What Narcissism Means to Me and Donkey Gospel. He teaches at the University of Houston and in the Warren Wilson Program.

Spring 2014


By Tony Hoagland

Your courage and energy come back unexpectedly in Minneapolis while walking by the river; where the gray industrial-strength water lunges over the lip of the abandoned hydro plant into the […]

Spring 2014

K Street in Springtime

By Tony Hoagland

On the stone steps of the law school,       the third-year law students loiter             after their arbitration class, discussing tort reform and amortization,    letting the April sun kiss their habeas corpus, […]

Summer 2014


Translated by Tony Hoagland and Martin Shaw

From the Welsh*   No world but white. Even words of a girl won’t shift me from the peat fire. Here’s what I say to her: that I would arrive […]