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T. C. Boyle

T. C. Boyle is the author of twenty-seven books of fiction, including, After the Plague (2001), Drop City (2003), The Inner Circle (2004), Tooth and Claw (2005), The Human Fly (2005), Talk Talk (2006), The Women (2009), Wild Child (2010), When the Killing’s Done (2011), San Miguel (2012), T. C. Boyle Stories II (2013), The Harder They Come (2015), The Terranauts (2016), as well as The Relive Box and Other Stories, due in October 2019 and featuring two new Kenyon Review stories: “Surtsey” and “The Five-Pound Burrito.” Boyle currently lives near Santa Barbara with his wife and three children.

Nov/Dec 2020

These Are the Circumstances

By T. C. Boyle

“We’re animals,” she said, “never forget that,” and he said, “Speak for yourself,” and she said, “I’m serious, because we’re just not made to sit around all day in an […]

Sep/Oct 2017


By T. C. Boyle

All he could think about was bailing, one bucket after the other, as if the house he’d lived in all his life was a boat out on the open sea. […]

Nov/Dec 2015

The Five-Pound Burrito

By T. C. Boyle

The Five-Pound Burrito He lived in a world of grease, and no matter how often he bathed, which was once a day, rigorously—and no shower but a drawn bath—he smelled […]

Fall 2013

Slate Mountain

By T. C. Boyle

The sun was a little gift from the gods, pale as a nectarine and hanging just above the treetops on a morning the weatherman on the local NPR affiliate had […]

Fall 2011

In the Zone

By T. C. Boyle

People told her she’d get cancer in her bones, that the mice were growing into monsters the size of dogs, that if she planted a tomato or a cucumber in […]

Summer 2007

Hands On

By T. C. Boyle

She liked his hands. His eyes. The way he looked at her as if he could see beneath the skin, as if he were modeling her from clay, his fingers […]

Bicycle Day

By T. C. Boyle

Was it poison? Was it out of bounds? An unacceptable risk? She couldn’t have said, but she was in a state all day, though she kept telling herself she was […]