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Stanley Edgar Hyman

Fall 1968

Myths and Mothers

By Stanley Edgar Hyman

Stanley Edgar Hyman MYTHS AND MOTHERS MYTH, RELIGION, AND MOTHER RIGHT by Johann Jakob Bachofen. Edited by Ru- dolph Marx and translated by Ralph Manheim. Bol- lingen Series (Princeton University […]

Autumn 1957

Palpable Designs

By Stanley Edgar Hyman

Stanley Edgar Hyman PALPABLE DESIGNS LITERARY CRITICISM: A SHORT HISTORY. By William K. Wim- satt, Ir., and Cleanth Brooks. Knopf. $8.95. LITERARY CRITICISM: A Short History is the first attempt […]

Fall 1950

Dissent on a Dictionary

By Stanley Edgar Hyman

Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend. Vol. I: A-I edited by Maria Leach. Funk and Wagnalls. $7.50 I say “dissent”―not yet, three months after publication, having […]