Solmaz Sharif

Solmaz Sharif’s first collection of poems, LOOK, will be published by Graywolf Press in 2016. She is currently a Jones Lecturer at Stanford University.

Jan/Feb 2020

Of Today

By Solmaz Sharif

A few days ago, I had lunch in Phoenix in a large, air-conditioned building, not unlike the large, air-conditioned buildings I’ve frequented in New York City or Los Angeles or […]

Jan/Feb 2016

Desired Appreciation

By Solmaz Sharif

Until now, now that I’ve reached my thirties:All my Muse’s poetry has been harmless:American and diplomatic: a learned helplessnessIs what psychologists call it: my docile, desired state.I’ve been largely well-behaved […]

May/June 2015

Inspiration Point, Berkeley

By Solmaz Sharif

Consider Kissinger:    the honorary Globetrotter       of Harlem who spins on fingertip    the world as balloon, the buffoon erected and be-plaqued here    by the Rotary Club as evergreen       and in this […]

Spring 2013

Personal Effects

By Solmaz Sharif

Like guns and cars, cameras are fantasy-machines whose use is addictive. —Susan Sontag I place a photograph of my uncle on my computer desktop, which means I learn to ignore […]

A Poetry of Proximity

By Solmaz Sharif

The Kenyon Review Credos In his first State of the Union address, just months after 9/11, George W. Bush, as rhetoric requires, repeated, impassioned, a number of terms. With each […]