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Robyn Selman

Summer 1995

Work Song

By Robyn Selman

—Ireland, they say, has the honour of being the only country which never persecuted the Jews. And do you know why? . . . —Why, sir? Stephen asked, beginning to […]

Fall 1992


By Robyn Selman

I can still see us stopped for a smoke on a September stoop on Jane Street. You’d left your husband of ten years for me. There. I’ve said it. One […]

Spring 1992

Everything Has Its Place

By Robyn Selman

Not Me by Eileen Myles. New York: Semiotext(e), 1991. 202 pages. $6.00. Fear of Subways by Maureen Seaton. Portland, Ore.: Eighth Mountain Press, 1991. 94 pages. $9.95. Ode to Anna […]

Fall 1994

For the Field

By Robyn Selman

From the seven small windows of my room: the last of the maple’s stars have fallen. There are new browns to see, ochers and grays. The rain on the leaves, […]

Spring 1994

The New Shape-Changers

By Robyn Selman

Cultivating Excess by Lori Anderson. Portland: Eighth Mountain Press, 1992. 110 pages. $9.95, paper. The Rapture of Matter by Frankie Paino. Cleveland: Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1991. 61 pages. […]