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Robie Macauley

Winter 1942

Good-Bad Novels

By Robie Macauley

The Hermit Place by Mark Schorer. Random House. $2.50 So It Doesn’t Whistle by Robert Paul Smith. Harcourt Brace. $2.50   In The Hermit Place, the landscape of treachery, weakness, […]

Winter 1958

Two Renaissance Novels

By Robie Macauley

Fires On The Plain by Shohei Ooka. Knopf. $3.50 The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki. Knopf. $4.95. Fiction writers a kind of aborigines, defend a constantly diminishing territory. They are […]

Autumn 1957

Big Novel

By Robie Macauley

Robie Macauley BIG NOVEL THE VELVET HORN. By Andrea’ Lytle. McDowell, Obolensky. $3.95. S OUTHERN Novels have a habit of telling you what good families they come from (why, the […]

Winter 1956

A McCarthy Inquiry

By Robie Macauley

A Charmed Life by Mary McCarthy. Harcourt. $3.95. Readers of The Oasis and The Groves of Academe may have prepared themselves for another turbulent, clever, conflicting McCarthy investigation—this time not […]

Winter 1955

The Chevigny Man

By Robie Macauley

The last of the Renaissance men,” said Paul Teeling, tipping the bottle uncertainly at the jigger as if trying to salt the tail of an elusive bird. “Poet, art-critic, novelist, […]

Winter 1951

The Thin Voice

By Robie Macauley

They had come down to Heiligenkreuz in Major Danney’s civilian car and that was some comfort. But now they were standing in the dark on the schoolhouse steps, hunch-backed under […]

Spring 1949

The Good Ford

By Robie Macauley

Along with G. P. R. James and Mrs. Oliphant, we have forgotten Ford Madox Ford. Some middle-aged book reader might remember that he collaborated with Joseph Conrad, changed his name […]

Spring 1943

Gallic American

By Robie Macauley

Memories Of Happy Days by Julian Green. Harpers. $3.00. The lives of the poets are among the pleasant by-products of literature—the leisurely, intimate personal conversations about the past such as […]