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Robert Richman

Winter 1950

Another House of God

By Robert Richman

How many skulls, only the gulls   Of Truro will tell, of horseshoe crabs Were tossed by a wide tide's arm, Relentless, restless, the salt sand's care.   Whether crabs are floundered […]

Winter 1955

A Theory of Everyday Art

By Robert Richman

Art And Industry by Herbert Read. Horizon Press. $6.00. In the western tradition, the criticism of any of the several arts has customarily followed the pattern set historically by Plato […]

Winter 1946

Lyrical and Social Too

By Robert Richman

No Triumph by John Malcolm Brinnin. Knopf. $2.00 Poetic diffuseness and disrelation in theme and approach have been brought to rein with Brinnin’s main theme in his third volume, No […]