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Richard Tillinghast

Richard Tillinghast is the author of twelve books of poetry including, most recently, Selected Poems (2008) and Wayfaring Stranger (2012), as well as five non-fiction books: Finding Ireland (2008); An Armchair Traveller’s History of Istanbul (2012); Poetry and What Is Real (2004), and most recently, Journeys into the Mind of the World: A Book of Places (2017). Damaged Grandeur (1995), is a critical memoir of Robert Lowell, with whom he studied as a graduate student at Harvard in the mid-sixties. He divides his time between Sewanee, Tennessee, and Hawaii.

Summer/Fall 1997


By Richard Tillinghast

Erase a statue of Buddha, eyes lidded on nonexistence. Erase topiary. Take away red paint and gilding. This is a place to sit for a while, the mats fresh, smell […]