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Richard Howard

Fall 1992


By Richard Howard

Of course we’re still using the old stationery—who can find paper these days?-but as you see, the lettering outside has already been changed, and to all intents and purposes this […]

Spring 1991

For Matthew Ward, 1951-1990

By Richard Howard

   who stipulated that I speak, at a memorial    service, of his “professional development,”    halted by AIDS. Out of that doorway, on a Soho street where I had no reason for […]

Winter 1990

Theory of Flight: 1908

By Richard Howard

for Barry Weller  Dear Gertrude, I was intrigued to meet Leo's new friend—we read, of course,  his fantastic farrago about our Matisse in this year's Salon,  and though such comparisons […]

Winter 1970

Some First Volumes

By Richard Howard

Firstborn by Louise Gliuck. New American Library, $4.00. The Storm & Other Poems by William Pitt Root. Atheneum Publishers, $4.95. Sweating Out the Winter by David P. Young. University of […]

Fall 1969


By Richard Howard

    The palace at Recanati, crowned with merlons       and adorned with a bronze clock     boasts the remains of a Palladian fountain.       The piano nobile     houses a library of twelve thousand volumes. […]

Fall 1968

Joyful Body

By Richard Howard

Stand Up, Friend, With Me by Edward Field. Grove Press, $1.45. Variety Photoplays by Edward Field. Grove Press, $1.95. They recommend themselves from the very start, these two volumes of […]