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Richard Ellmann

Fall 1966

Ez and Old Billyum

By Richard Ellmann

Ezra Pound, after attending the service for T. S. Eliot in Westminster Abbey in January 1965, memorialized an even older association with W. B. Yeats by visiting the poet’s widow […]

Summer 1951

The Identity of Yeats

By Richard Ellmann

The Collected Poems Of W. B. Yeats. Second Edition. Macmillan. $5.00 At last we have Yeats’s poems in a complete and proof-read edition. The 1933 collection is supplemented by seventy-five […]

Fall 1950

Joyce and Yeats

By Richard Ellmann

In the Irish literary movement the two leading protagonists, Joyce and Yeats, play complicated roles. Yeats acts the part of founder but, as the movement progresses, seems to be thinking of […]

Winter 1945

Behind the Lines

By Richard Ellmann

She: Leave me, for I hear the guard   Approaching on his midnight round. He: Nonsense, for I struck so hard   He will not hear another sound. She: Leave me, for […]