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Rabindra K. Swain

Spring 2006

Susurrus in the Skull

By Rabindra K. Swain

This is then the skull,I mean the one inside my head,I thought, looking at a drawingOf a skeleton in the dictionaryWhile I was searching “skewering,”A method of putting rebels to […]

Summer 2001

They Fall

By Rabindra K. Swain

They fall not like the leaves in their autumns, nor like the crackers after they burst open into purple wounds in the sky of the vernal marriage processions but like […]

Winter 1999

Sons and Fathers

By Rabindra K. Swain

Mahajanpur: like any other village where poor fathers are silenced by their wealthy sons. Fathers will be always poor to have set adrift the paper boats of their sons on […]