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R. W. Flint

Fall 1952

Norman Douglas

By R. W. Flint

So, while her arm rested lightly on mine, we wandered about those gardens, the saintly lady and myself; her mind dwelling, maybe, on memories of her one classic love-adventure and […]

Fall 1950

Ten Poets

By R. W. Flint

Ten Poets Collected Poems by Isaac Rosenberg, Schocken Books, Inc., $3.50. Poems by Wilfred Owen, New Directions, $1.50. The Lost Son by Theodore Roethke, John Lehmann, 6s net. Strike Through […]

Summer 1949

Between Fraud and Heroism

By R. W. Flint

In The American Grain by William Carlos Williams. New Directions. $1.00. One can understand why this book is not better known. It should be known by everyone whose interest in […]

Winter 1949

New Books of Verse

By R. W. Flint

The Pisan Cantos by Ezra Pound. New Directions. $2.75. Other Skies by John Ciardi. Atlantic-Little Brown & Co. $2.00. In Public, In Private by Edwin Denby. The Decker Press. $2.50. […]

Summer 1947

Weltschmerz Refurbished

By R. W. Flint

Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry. Reynal and Hitchcock. $3.00. This novel resists classification. It cannot fairly be called a “first,” a psychological,” or a “philosophical” novel although it is […]

Autumn 1944

Smear and Whitewash

By R. W. Flint

The Literary Fallacy by Bernard DeVoto. Little Brown. $2.50. Mr. DeVoto’s latest foray against the writers of the twenties and thirties is only the last of many similarly bitter and […]