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R. W. B. Lewis

Spring 1956

Poetry and Change

By R. W. B. Lewis

Poetry And Change The Metamorphic Tradition In Modern Poetry by Sister M. Bernena Quinn. Rutgers. $4.50. Sister Bernetta Quinn’s book deals with the special concern with change in the substance […]

Winter 1956

The Private Soul

By R. W. B. Lewis

The Inmost Leaf by Alfred Kazin. Harcourt. $4.75. Although Alfred Kazin, whose occasional essays are collected in The Inmost Leaf, is enormously fascinated by the world of literature, he cannot […]

Spring 1954

Spectroscope for Ideas

By R. W. B. Lewis

Studies in Intellectual History by George Boas and others. The Johns Hopkins Press. $3.75. The Essays in the historiography of ideas which comprise this I book,” the fly-leaf explains, “are […]

Winter 1954

Poetry’s Chevalier

By R. W. B. Lewis

Poetry And The Age by Randall Jarrell. Knopf. $4.00. Mr. Randall Jarrell has brought together here slightly subdued versions of a number of essays and reviews published in various periodicals […]