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Phillis Levin

May/June 2020

Ear of Corn

By Phillis Levin

An ear of corn In a gust of wind, Stirred from slumber, Rustles, beads of gold Bubbling under A tangle of silky hair. So many others fill The same field, […]

July/Aug 2015

Burgundy Scarf

By Phillis Levin

Undertone of dying leaf, marvel Of a scarf lost on a walk long ago, Later returning. Hand that made it Gone. Hand of the boy for whom It was made, […]

Winter 2008

Open Field

By Phillis Levin

Forget the comma, the crow said, darting onto another branch, random joy being his, being mine, being yours, depending on how you look at a branch, which is, after all, […]

Fall 2005

Always the Same Face

By Phillis Levin

Full moon. Harvest moon. Late September. She's trying to get through. She cannot see us, we cannot see her Completely. Only one side is ever the side We see. However […]

Winter 2005

A Needle in the Sky

By Phillis Levin

There is a needle in the sky    Being threaded now, but the thread is blue: That is why you cannot see it    Threading its way. When all is said and […]