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Philip Blair Rice

Winter 1942

A Word about Naturalism

By P. B. R.

The Kenyon Review intends to pursue the discussion of Naturalism initiated in our last number by the papers of Messrs. Vivas and Wheelright and by W. C. Barrett’s review of […]

Summer 1941

Toward a Philosophy of Language

By P. B. R.

An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth. By Bertrand Russell. Norton. $3.75 Language and Reality. By Wilbur Marshall Urban. Macmillan. $5.50 Russel’s fairly good book and Urban’s bad one swell the […]

Summer 1944

Hide and Seek

By Philip Blair Rice

(After Tchelitchew’s picture in the Museum of Modern Art)               For my daughter 1. Aetat. 5 Through the vines’ tangle and the terror of leaves,Thrust on by the tenor drum of […]

Winter 1940

Dewey and His Critics

By Philip Blair Rice

Logic: The Theory of Inquiry by John Dewey. Henry Holt. $3.00The Philosophy of John Dewey edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp. The Library of Living Philosophers: Vol. 1. Northwestern University Press. […]

Autumn 1939

Foreign Periodicals

By Philip Blair Rice

The European thought and creative effort of the nineteen-twenties was brought to a focus in three periodicals—The Criterion, Die Neue Rundschau, and Nouvelle Revue Française. Of these, only the NRF […]